Disclosure of Services and Agreement
This Agreement made, effective immediately with verbal acknowledgment of Disclosure.
We provide a personalized service to clients, their family members or legal representatives who are looking for housing options.  The relationship is at-will, and the client may terminate the relationship with written notice at any time.
1. Agency.  Peppermint Palm Placement Services Is appointed to use our information to complete their search of multiple housing locations  both inside of the requested area and outside of it. Peppermint Palm Placement Services does not find housing in just one area as it will unduly limit client options, and Peppermint Palm Placement Services does not warrant that it will find housing in any one specified location as this is not in its control. This agreement supersedes any and all other agreements that might have been implied verbally or in writing.

2. Terms of Agreement. This agreement will expire at the time of written notice from Client.
3. No Warranties or Representation. Peppermint Palm Placement Services make no warranties or representation regarding the suitability or care of any housing locations.  The client agrees to be responsible for conducting all investigations necessary to satisfy the suitability of said services.  Peppermint Palm Placement Services does not handle any aspect of caring for the client medically, and bears no liability and makes no warranties or guarantees regarding client’s move in to housing or admission to housing. Nor does Peppermint Palm Placement Services make any warranties or guarantees regarding that the client will be admitted to any housing as this is not in Peppermint Palm Placement Services’s control in any way.
4. Refunds: No refunds for services already begun. A service credit may be granted in company’s discretion. Client has 24 hours after verbal acknowledgment of Disclosure to rescind their request for services, in writing.
Medicaid or Medicare Clients: We do not accept insurance.