We are committed to working with Veterans and their families.


Did you know that if you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, you could qualify for the Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Pension? This pension is designed to help veterans and their surviving spouses who require the attendance of a caregiver to assist with activities of daily living, including bathing and getting dressed. Assisted care in an assisting living facility also qualifies.

In order to qualify for the Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit, you:

1. Must be a veteran who served at least 90 days in active duty with at least one day served during wartime; and you must have been honorably discharged.

2. Must be a surviving spouse of a veteran currently receiving nursing care or aid and attendance services.

Some income restrictions apply.

You must prove your eligibility by filing the Veterans Application for Pension or Compensation, which will require a copy of DD-214, among other documents. To request a copy of a DD-214 follow this link: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/