Get More Done in Less Time!

As a caregiver, you can be busy–to say the least! Peppermint Palm Senior Care provides senior placement services in Assisted Living/RCFEs, but we also like to give you tips to manage your life, no matter what level of care you need. These tips will help you get more done, have a clearer mind, and feel energetic and productive!

Placement Services in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Placement Services in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

? Work Better and Feel Healthier–Now! ?

#1: Use A 1-3-5 List
Don’t overestimate the number of things you can get done in a day. Plan to get one large task, three medium-sized tasks, and five small tasks done every day.

#2: Write down what’s bugging you.
Put those nagging thoughts on paper. Clearing your mind of mental clutter will help you to accomplish more and be calm.

We find placement for adults throughout the Bay Area and in Northern California, as well as Sacramento. Locating Assisted Living in Sacramento or Assisted Living in the Bay Area can be difficult, but with our resources we have helped many–and can help you too!

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