Advice for Caregivers

Tips for Managing Caregiver Stress

Is it hard being a caregiver? Absolutely it is hard being a caregiver! Caregiver stress and burnout is a real phenomenon. That’s why when the time comes, Peppermint Palm Senior Care’s senior placement services in Assisted Living/RCFE make your life easier! We handle placement throughout the Bay Area and in Sacramento. Finding Assisted Living in Sacramento or Assisted Living in the Bay Area can be difficult, but with our resources we can help.

However, if you are feeling stressed as a caregiver, here are tips for managing your caregiver stress, and caregiver stress symptoms.

#1: Stop Multitasking
Experts have connected multitasking to increased stress and poor memory. Do one thing at a time, and limit your cell phone and e-mail use to working hours only. If you are using senior placement services, we can call at a time that’s best for you!

#2: Recall a Past Success

Taking five minutes to reflect on how you succeeded in other stressful situations can help you be more calm.

#3: Focus on Your Senses for a Few Minutes

For just a few minutes a day, practice mindfulness—focus only on what’s going on in the present. Focus on what you see, feel, hear, smell.

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