2 Healthy New Years Resolutions

     1. healthy new years resolutions for seniorsStop Drinking. Studies show that the rate of hip fractures in older adults increases with alcohol use.

Drinking too much alcohol over a long time can have the following effects upon Adults:

  • Lead to some kinds of cancer, liver damage, immune system disorders, and brain damage
  • Worsen some health conditions like memory loss and diabetes, as well as mood disorders
  • Make some medical problems hard for doctors to find and treat—for example, alcohol causes changes in the heart and blood vessels.
  • Cause some older people to be forgetful and confused—these symptoms could be mistaken for signs of Alzheimers Disease.

2. Talk to your loved one about their anxiety or depression. 

  • If you’re concerned about an older person experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or just not coping, then it is important to take the first step. Begin a conversation; your support and concern may make all the difference.
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