Two Tips for Moving Elderly Parents

Two Tips for Moving Elderly Parents

While it may look simple, moving elderly parents from their current home or apartment to a new home can be very difficult without the proper knowledge or assistance. You may wonder as to what is the best way to help in moving your elderly parent when they are agitated, unsure, or depressed.

Whether their new home is close by or far away, here are two ways that you can make the transition smoother for everyone.

  1. Bring what is important to them

Moving to a new home can be a very emotionally charged process for both you and your loved one. It can be a comfort to your elderly parents if they keep items that are important to them, and bring them to their new home. Make sure to ask their new home if there are any restrictions on what they can bring. Having items they care about and that remind them of who they are, and what they care about, will help your loved one maintain who they are and their unique sense of identity wherever they go.

      2. Help them pack

Help your loved one pack, but let them tell you what items they want to include in their new home/room. Also, plan to talk it out with them well before beginning to pack if there is anything you have an issue with them bringing, or that you think would not be safe (a commemorative knife, for example).

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