Case Managers — What are they & why are they important?

Case managers can be a valuable part of a senior’s healthcare. Most have a degree in social work or health counseling and their main job is to help coordinate a patient’s whole healthcare regimen. Case managers are jack-of-all-trades, using creativity and flexibility to help you and your senior in all sorts of ways. Navigating the medical world can be a stressful and confusing task. In some cases, it can be impossible for someone without the proper training.

A case manager often has a long list of contacts in the health care industry, helping patients pick the right provider for their needs. They can help you pick a doctor, a specialist, a hospital or nursing home. The manager will then coordinate with the provider to arrange appointment times, insurance information and other special needs. It can be hard for you to know for sure if your senior is getting the care they need. A case manager follows the treatments ensure that everything is in order. Think of a case manager as the spokesperson between your senior and the medical community. Their other tasks include day-to-day medical assistance for the patient, such as monitoring drug reactions and treatment progression.

Case managers are an important part of the medical community. Don’t over stress yourself by trying to take on the burden of coordinating your senior’s medical regimen. Case managers are trained to do just that.

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